Pricing / Rates listed on this website are subject to change at any time without notice.


RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES is open all year, including weekends and most Holidays. We stop renting when it gets dark, but our Service Department and Store stays OPEN.


Our Store Hours are:

Monday:   CLOSED
(Open Holiday Weekends)


Tuesday:  CLOSED


Wednesday & Thursday:
9am to 6pm (MST)


Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
9am to 9pm (MST)


Exciting Tours Await!

We curently offer four different guided tour packages. Each tour package is priced per person. The price includes a professionally trained tour guide, helmet, goggles and the ATV/UTV you will be operating. A fuel surcharge of $3.50 per hour is charged seperately for each vehicle used, at the completion of your rental. Pricing for Tour Packages are listed below.

Damage Deposit

Similar to a car rental agency, a $150 damage deposit is charged at the beginning of every ATV rental (unless you purchase damage waiver- see below). The deposit is returned to you at the completion of your rental, provided that you did not damage the ATV/UTV (excluding normal wear items). You will be given an opportunity to thoroughly inspect the rental equipment with our staff before your rental time begins.


During this pre-ride inspection, our staff will either record all of the existing damage on video or on a special “Check-Out” form. You are required to return our rental equipment in the same condition, without any new damage. If you damage our equipment, your deposit will be used to pay for all costs associated with the repair. If the damage amount exceeds your deposit amount, your deposit will be applied toward the total repair bill and you will still be liable for the balance owed.


Collision Damage Waiver

At the time of rental, in lieu of having to leave a damage deposit, you will be given the opportunity to purchase ATV/UTV collision insurance. Current policy rates are $19 per ATV/UTV under your contract. Our ATV/UTV collision insurance has a $1,000 deductible and only covers damage to the ATV you are riding. IT DOES NOT PROVIDE any kind of medical coverage, liability coverage, theft, vandalism, or property damage coverage to other vehicles or structures. The policy will pay for all parts and labor required to repair the ATV or UTV you damaged (in excess of $1,000).


Keep in mind, that some of our rental units cost as much as $17,000. So, having this insurance coverage can really help in the event of a collision or tip-over, but it won't help pay your medical bills or protect you from being liable to others. So, we highly recommend that you aquire sufficient medical  and liability insurance coverage, from an outside vendor, before engaging in this type of dangerous off-road activity.



If you are a Veteran, Active-Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, or a Medical First Responder, please bring your government issued credentials. We’ll pay all the fuel surcharges for you. We are grateful for your service to our country and our community.



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